Sunday, November 2, 2008


My cute little Penguin!
Out to eat with Mary and Collin McCoy

Brooklyn did so good in her car seat the whole time!
She was the hit of the restaurant

Little Kitty, Happy Feet, and.... a "Black eyed Pea"

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?!

Chloe and Cooper were a Devil and Angel again! But didn't quite like it as much this year!

some fun ones...

Yes... more pics! ;)

All ready for church! (I had to quickly whip up a bow to match!)

Cute little skulls outfit! She wore this on Halloween when she wasn't in her costume!

My dogs are truly one of a kind! Chloe literally lays on top of Cooper all the time!

Her first day at church!

So sweet!

So photogenic! :)

Chloe lays in the weirdest positions! Silly dog!

I just love this one!

She's not quite sure about the whole "licking" thing!