Friday, July 25, 2008

More Pics

You can also see more of the pics from my summer adventures at my dropshots page:

Crazy July!!!

Get Ready! This month has been full of so many fun events! I'll try not to overwhelm you... but here goes... get ready...

4th of July!

We had such a great time up at the Bell cabin in Greer. It was nice to escape the heat and enjoy the mountains for a few days. Our dogs had a blast as well. They figured out that they love the water... but also realized how exhausted it made them! To top it off.. we saw an amazing fireworks show!

Sisters.... Sisters....

My sister Melissa came into town with her darling girls and new baby boy, who I want to munch on! She is the best sister ever! We decided to paint the nursery while she was here. It turned out so cute! There is no way I could've done it without her! We also got to spend time at my dad's house down in Tucson. Such good times!

And the final product!


Mack Family Reunion:

I can't believe another Mack family reunion has come and gone! It had been 8 years since the "quad" cousins had been together. There are four of us girls that are within 3 months. It was so fun to be with the family!

......The remainder of our Utah vacation was spent with My mom and Ray at their new home in Draper, and up at the property! We had such a great time with family! And.......CONGRATS TO KIMBALL AND HIS NEW FIANCE SARA!!!!! We had such a great time planning how he was going to propose. We planned a picture scavenger hunt up at the property (our cabin in the mountains) and set everything up for them. We had a blanket with candles and sparkling cider set up for them at the last "clue". They are so cute together and I couldn't be happier for them! I'm excited for a new sister-in-law! I also had my first two baby showers while I was up in Utah. Thanks to Melissa, my mom, Kelly, and all the Howells girls... it was so much fun! I got so many cute things! My friends also had a dinner shower for me in the evening. That was also so much fun! Thanks everyone!

Last but not least... my belly is getting bigger every day!!! So, I thought I'd post a pic of the 31 week marker! Wheweeee! I can't believe it! Here are 3D pics of our baby girl as well. Kinda frieky!