Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Holidays

Despite my last entry...I've come to accept the fact that I am a true failure at blogging. sigh... I have started to journal via computer in bed. I find it so much easier... and more comfortable too! ;) I find it a bigger pain in the rear to upload pics on here compared to Facebook and my dropshots account. So... I have loaded some fun pics from the past few months on our dropshots link. Check them out if you'd like! It seems to be the easiest way for me right now!


My life is full of so many blessings. I thank the Lord every day for my amazing husband and beautiful daughter, and all the many wonderful blessings I have! I am still busy teaching dance and being a mom. Cameron is busy working and will take another class in school this next semester. Brooklyn and I are headed to Utah next week to see one of my best friends, Amy (Buff), get married and to spend the holidays with family. I love this time of year so much! May we all remember the true meaning of Christmas, and cherish the things that are most important in our lives! Love you all!